The appliance rebate program requires that you purchase a new ENERGY STAR qualified appliance and install it in your residence.

Documentation required:

  • Dated receipt showing total cost
  • Manufacturer or brand name
  • Model number
  • Documentation detailing the specifications (e.g. energy factor) for the appliance claimed. A copy of the page from the ENERGY STAR web site listing the appliance model is sufficient for documentation, providing it details the specifications for the model claimed
  • The product information insert that includes the ENERGY STAR logo that comes with the appliance or ENERGY STAR logo from the appliance packaging.


ENERGY STAR Appliance Reimbursement
Clothes Washers
Top loading (electric water heater) $30 – $50 **
Top loading IMEF 2.38 + (electric water heater) $30
Front loading (gas) $15***
Top loading IMEF 2.38+ (gas/any water heater $25 – $20 ***
CEE Tier 1* (electric water heater $30
CEE Tier1* (any water heater) $20
CEE Tier 2* (electric water heater) $40
CEE Tier 2* (any water heater) $30
CEE Advanced Tier* (electric water heater) $50
CEE Advanced Tier* (any water heater) $40
 Front loading (any) $20
 Front loading (electric) $30
 Top loading IMEF 2.38 $20

Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE)
**   Depending on CEE Tier / Energy Star
*** Depending on Gas