The City of Milton’s drinking water is produced from groundwater wells, within the City limits. These sources are regularly monitored for both quality and quantity. The water is tested according to State Department of health guidelines for over 100 different chemicals and compounds, as well as for bacteria. The Water Consumer Confidence Report is published annually. The full report can be found below. Any households receiving Milton water, can request a report be mailed to them by email, or by calling 253-922-8738.  This report details the previous year’s operating and testing results, and provides a wealth of other information on our water.

The City of Milton’s Water, Street, and Surface Water Division is comprised of seven full time employees, one of which is the supervisor of the division. In addition, the City employs one person to read both water and electric meters.

Water is provided by underground aquifers which are accessed by a total of seven wells. Two new wells were brought on line in 2007.

Currently, the City of Milton has 3,231 water connections.

The water and street crew respond to emergencies and weather related issues at all times.

August 19, 2020-Water Demand & Discoloration

2019 Drinking Water Consumer Confidence Report

Water Rates

Water rates are updated annually based on the CPI U index from June of the previous year.  New rates take affect on the May statements each year.

Current residential rates are $27.16 per month base, plus a tiered rate systems as follows:

1. $2.69 per 100 cubic feet of water used up to 800 cubic feet
2. $2.93 per 100 cubic feet of water used from 801 – 1000 cubic feet
3. $3.15 per 100 cubic feet of water used from 1001 and over cubic feet

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