Stormwater & Surface Water Utility

The City of Milton’s Surface Water Division is comprised of three full-time employees, one of which is the supervisor of the division.

Additionally, the City employs one Stormwater Compliance Inspector. This position is a result of the Department of Ecology’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Western Washington Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permit.

Surface Water Drainage

The City of Milton created a Surface Water Drainage Utility to provide the services necessary to address surface water issues. This division responds to citizen requests, plans for capital improvements, manages projects, and provides inspection services for construction within City right-of-ways and easements. Fees are assessed to properties based on their respective contribution to surface water drainage, based on the amount of impervious surface area for a given site.

Link to Department of Ecology 2014 Storm Water Management Manual

Surface Water Rates
Commercial drainage rates are based on ESUs (Equivalent Service Units):

1 ESU = 2800 square feet of impervious surface = $15.50


Residential drainage rates are based on a tiered system.  The percentage of impervious area as a function of the total property area determines which tier the property will be billed under.  Rates are as follows:

Undeveloped properties are assessed a charge of $5.10/month and billed annually.


The Milton Stormwater Press

Surprise Lake Matters
Water quality information for Surprise Lake residents

Stormwater Reports & Documents

The Milton Municipal Code requires that by February 15th for the preceding calendar year that the Public Works Director shall conduct an annual review of the utility’s operations, the total costs of operation and maintenance of the stormwater retention, detention, collection and conveyance systems, and the schedule of rates and charges. The director shall submit an annual report to the mayor and city council summarizing the review and containing any recommendations for rate adjustments.

Volunteer Opportunities

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