Shoreline Master Program - ARCHIVE


Washington’s Shoreline Management Act was passed by the legislature in 1971 and affirmed by voters in 1972. The Act governs the use and development of Washington’s shorelines and creates a unique partnership between local and state government. The Act strives to achieve responsible shoreline use and development, environmental protection, and public access. Local governments develop programs based on the Act and state guidance, and the state ensures local programs consider statewide public interests.

Shoreline master programs carry out the policies of the Shoreline Management Act at the local level, regulating use and development of shorelines. Local shoreline programs include policies and regulations based on state laws and rules but tailored to the unique geographic, economic, and environmental needs of each community.

Final Adoption (11/13/12)


Update Process

The City of Milton SMP update is directed by a grant from the Department of Ecology. The Department of Ecology is charged with overseeing the update process and providing technical support to the City. The grant agreement lays out and deadlines to meet said tasks.

Phase 1 – Shoreline jurisdiction and public participation plan

Task 1.1 Identify preliminary shoreline jurisdiction

Task 1.2 Prepare plan for public participation

Phase 2 – Shoreline inventory, analysis and characterization

Task 2.1 Complete shoreline inventory
Task 2.2 Conduct shoreline analysis
Task 2.3 Prepare shoreline inventory and analysis report

Phase 3 – Complete Draft SMP and Cumulative Impact Analysis

Task 3.1 Conduct Community Visioning Process

Task 3.2 Develop General SMP goals, policies and regulations

Task 3.3 Develop environmental designations

Task 3.4 Develop environment-specific shoreline use & modification policies, regulations and standards

Task 3.5 Develop SMP administrative provisions

Task 3.6 Prepare preliminary cumulative impacts analysis

Phase 4 – Restoration Planning, Revisiting Phase 3 products

Task 4.1 Prepare restoration plan

Task 4.2 Revisit draft SMP and cumulative impacts analysis; finalize SMP jurisdictional maps

Task 4.3 Prepare a report that demonstrates how no net loss will be achieved

Task 4 Submittal To Ecology (1/20/12)

Phase 5 – Local SMP Adoption Process

FINAL SMP 4-16-12