Comprehensive Plan

The City of Milton Comprehensive Plan provides a road-map for future change and growth within the City. The Comprehensive Plan is a document required by the Growth Management Act (GMA) which details how the City will accommodate future population and employment growth. Below is the final version of the Comprehensive Plan, as approved and adopted on June 15, 2015 (and revised on February 5, 2018).

Cover Pages and Table of Contents (Revised 2015)

Introduction Element (Revised 2015)

Introduction Map (Revised 2015)

Land Use Element (Revised 2018)

Housing Element (Revised 2018)

Transportation Element (Revised 2018)

Parks, Trails and Open Space Element (Revised 2015)

Utilities Element (Revised 2015)

Capital Facilities Element (Revised 2015)

NOTE: These element are not in the “final” format.  Here is an example of how the final format will look.  The document will be put in the final format towards the end of the process.

SEPA Notice:

Capital Improvement Program 2020-2025


The Milton Municipal Code (MMC) requires the city to accept applications for amendments to the Milton Comprehensive Plan text and map (citizen-initiated site-specific requests) on an annual basis.  Comprehensive plan and zoning map amendment requests must be submitted by February 28th of a given year to be considered in the next amendment cycle.  Amendments can be requested by citizens, business owners, City Council, or staff.  The City Council considers the list of proposed amendments and based on available resources determines which suggestions will be considered and in what priority.  If you are interested in discussing a change to the comprehensive plan or development regulations, please contact the City’s Planning Department at (253) 922-8738 or send an email to

2017 Comprehensive Plan Amendments

In 2017, the City prepared amendments to its Comprehensive Plan to resolve an inconsistency issue between the City’s land use, housing and transportation elements. The City received a conditional certification from the Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) on its 2015 Comprehensive Plan that required the City to adopt consistent housing and employment growth targets within the transportation, housing and land use elements. The City’s transportation element used growth targets from the Land Use Vision dataset, consistent with Vision 2040; however, the land use and housing elements used the Land Use Baseline dataset. The proposed amendments resolve this inconsistency by adopting the Land Use Vision growth targets as previously shown in the transportation element, which allowed the City’s Comprehensive Plan to receive full certification under PSRC’s responsibility to review local Comprehensive Plans. The amendments were adopted by the Milton City Council on February 5, 2018 (see Ordinance 1936-18).

2015 Comprehensive Plan Update

The City began this process toward the end of 2011, in completing a visioning process which resulting in the adoption of the November 2012 Visioning Report.  This was a culmination of ad hoc committee recommendations, which were later refined at an open house, and then finalized by KPG and adopted by the City Council.

This Vision worked as a guideline for the current update of the City’s Comp Plan.  The Comprehensive Plan was approved by and adopted June 15, 2015.


Vision Statement

A City for all ages striving to maintain its small town character and support for strong schools, public safety  and neighborhood unity, balances the need to grow and prosper in a sustainable manner with the  environmental, political, economic, and social desires of the City. 

A great place to raise a family, with interconnected and attractive parks, trails and public spaces complimentary of the natural environment, critical areas and valuable natural resources, for the enjoyment of future generations.

A City that understands the relationship between commerce and healthy livable cities; an understanding that guides the need to support business and economic growth, in harmony the City’s small town charm.