Boards & Commissions

Events Committee

The Events Committee is governed by Milton Municipal Code Chapter 2.49 and is tasked with planning and coordinating community events such as the annual Milton Days, Craft Bazaar and the Tree Lighting.

Eleven members are appointed to the Committee by the mayor and shall serve a term of four years.

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Committee Members

Position 1 – April Balsley, Co-Chair
Term Expires on 05/31/2023

Position 2 – Christy Dean, Co-Chair
Term Expires on 05/31/2022

Position 3 – Alicia Bennest
Term Expires on 05/31/2023

Position 4 – Tiffany Harris
Term Expires on 05/31/2022

Position 5 – Debbie Hooie
Term Expires on 05/31/2024

Position 6 – Mari Pepping
Term Expires on 05/31/2023

Position 7 – Lisa Stone
Term Expires on 05/31/2021

Position 8 – Vacant
Term Expires on 05/31/2019

Position 9 – Vacant
Term Expires on 05/31/2020

Position 10 – Vacant
Term Expires on 05/31/2020

Position 11 – Vacant
Term Expires on 05/31/2021

If you are interested in being on the Events Committee, please complete a Public Service Application and send to the attention of:

City of Milton
Attn: Events Committee
1000 Laurel Street
Milton, WA  98354

Volunteer Information

As with any great community event, nothing can be achieved without fantastic volunteers in the background helping to put it on.  The more volunteers we have, the bigger and better event we can put on.

We need folks to help with planning, subcommittees, parade, entertainment, events, booths, vendors, grounds keeping, whatever you want to help with we have a spot for you.  You can choose the time and effort to put in.  Our Volunteer Coordinator can work out the details with you.

If you would like to volunteer, please fill out the form below or select the email link below. Please provide: name, address, phone, and what you would like to help with. In addition to that everyone is welcome at our Events Committee meeting at 1000 Laurel St, Milton, WA.