What is a Shoreline Master Program?

Shoreline Master Programs are both planning and regulatory documents. SMPs carry out the policies of the Shoreline Management Act on local shorelines. An SMP consists of:

  • Comprehensive use plan
  • Diagrams or other descriptive material
  • Maps
  • Standards for shorelines of the state [RCW 90.58.030(3)(b)]
  • Statement of desired goals
  • Use regulations

SMPs are based on state laws and rules and tailored to local geographic and environmental conditions and existing development patterns.

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1. What is a Shoreline Master Program?
2. What is the Shoreline Management Act?
3. Where does the Shoreline Management Act and the City’s SMP apply?
4. What is the periodic review of the City’s Shoreline Master Program?
5. What laws or rules have been changed since the City’s SMP was last amended?
6. When was the last time the City’s SMP was adopted?
7. Is the public permitted to provide feedback on the proposed amendments to the City’s SMP?