What is an infraction?

Infractions are non-criminal violations of the law and include violations such as speeding, parking, code violations and animal complaints. Previously, many traffic and criminal violations were considered crimes, but in 1981 Washington joined a number of states in decriminalizing minor offenses which resulted in a major change in the way that the courts of limited jurisdiction deal with those offenses.

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1. What is an infraction?
2. What must I do if I received an infraction?
3. What should I wear and how should I act in court?
4. What is a mitigation hearing?
5. What is a mitigation hearing by mail?
6. What is a contested hearing?
7. What is a contested hearing by mail?
8. What is a deferred finding?
9. What is a deferred hearing by mail?
10. May I have a lawyer at a contested hearing?
11. Is there a right to appeal?
12. Will a traffic infraction appear on my driving record?
13. What if I do not pay my ticket or appear for a hearing?
14. What about a no liability insurance ticket?
15. What is a Correction Notice?