Code Amendment Notices

Proposed amendments being considered by the Planning Commission and City Council to the Milton Municipal Code. 

Title 17 Religious Institutions - The City is proposing to amend Title 17 to clarify certain sections of the Milton Municipal Code that relate to regulation of churches and places of worship. The definition of "Church" will be clarified to include all religious institutions and places of worship. In addition, a distinction will be made based on the square footage of religious institutions and the seating capacity. The City recognizes the land use differences between neighborhood places of worship and mega-institutions that seat thousands. Neighborhood religious institutions will continue to be permitted within residential and commercial zoning districts either outright or with a conditional use permit. Regional religious institutions that are over 20,000sf or seat more than 301 persons will be permitted with a conditional use permit in commercially zoned areas of the City that are served by major arterials due to their traffic and noise impacts. Additional code amendments proposed will clarify that a separate conditional use permit is required for private schools or pre-schools in conjunction with religious institutions. Parking standards for religious institutions will also be updated to respond to the maximum occupant load of the principal and auxiliary places of worship, rather than calculate required parking based on the number of seats. 

Next step: Planning Commission action - December 8, 2021