Code Amendment Notices

Proposed amendments being considered by the Planning Commission and City Council to the Milton Municipal Code. 

To review documents related to the proposed amendments, please visit our Citizens Connect portal. In the search box, type PLN and the land use notice you are interested in. i.e. PLN2022-2222 If you have any questions or comments, please contact Angelie Stahlnecker, Planning Manager

PLN2023-0002 Chapter 17.58 Wireless Communication Facilities – the City proposes to amend Chapter 17.58 Wireless Communication Facilities to bring the code into compliance with Federal law and current industry standards.

Next Step: Planning Commission Public Hearing – June 12, 2023

PLN2023-0001 Title 17 Fences and Clear Vision - The City is proposing to expand fence regulations to non-residential properties and improve clarity of the standards and guidelines for both fences and vision clearance.

Next Step: City Council Action – June 5, 2023 

PLN2022-0003 Title 17 Accessory Dwelling Units- The City is proposing to amend Title 17 to create regulations and standards for accessory dwelling units (ADUs). Currently, the City allows accessory apartments, but there are minimal regulations. The new code would address both attached and detached ADUs creating both land use standards and design guidelines. 

 Adopted: Ordinance 2063-23

PLN2022-0002 Title 17 Religious Institutions -  The City proposes to amend Title 17 to incorporate all religious institutions (RI), limit size and impact of religious institutions in residential neighborhoods, preserve existing religious institutions, and review for compliance with RLUIPA.

Adopted: Ordinance 2057-22

PLN2022-0001 Title 17 Supportive, Transitional, and Emergency Housing - The City proposes to amend Title 17 due to requirements of E25HB 1220 to allow for supportive housing, both permanent and transitional, in all zones that allow for single-family dwelling units or hotels, and to allow for emergency shelters and emergency housing in all zones that allow for hotels, with reasonable requirements for occupancy, spacing and intensity to protect public health and safety. 

Adopted: Ordinance 2045-22