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Shanna Styron Sherrell was elected Mayor of Milton in 2017 and re-elected in 2021. Prior to taking office, Shanna owned a successful company, Styron's Photography, which she opened in 1999. 

In addition to serving as Mayor, Shanna serves on the Carson Trey Styron Foundation Board and on the Mountain View Community Center Council of Advisors. Previously, she was an active member of the Discovery and Endeavour PTAs and Surprise Lake Partner in Education. She has also donated her time and resources in support of the Milton Police Foundation, Neighborhood Watch, VFW, Do the Right Thing, Fife Booster Club, and Kent Youth & Family Services.

 In her first term as Milton’s Mayor, Shanna focused on restoring transparency, functionality, and fairness to how City Hall undertakes the People's business. She committed Milton to its residents' safety by improving infrastructure and enhancing the Milton Police Department. While keeping our community values at the forefront of her agenda, Shanna expanded community outreach and engagement efforts, upgraded public parks, and attracted new economic development. 

During her first term, Shanna has been proud of what she achieved.  The following results have focused on building a strong and healthy City Hall, and a thriving community economically and for families: 

  • Added $200,000 to the city’s Rainy-Day Fund
  • Secured $600,000 for the construction of the new Interurban Trail Milton-to-Edgewood connection
  • Allocated $150,000 in COVID relief for utility customers and businesses
  • Funded two additional Milton Police Officers, bringing the Police Department to the highest historical staffing level.  
  • Increased city staffing levels to better meet residents' needs, including a Planning Manager, Permit Coordinator, Community Outreach Coordinator, and Police Clerk
  • Avoided layoffs and furloughs for staff during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Added new sidewalks at Kent & Porter Way, and established the Missing Link Sidewalk Program
  • Completed the Porter Way design for the State Route 99 Project
  • Established a Traffic Calming Program
  • Oversaw a State-of-the-Art Water Flushing Program and the drilling of a new water well
  • Implemented beautification efforts throughout the city
  • Supported efforts to annex the Hill Creek Neighborhood into our community

And when the world changed dramatically as the COVID-19 pandemic set in, Shanna's leadership was key to our city remaining strong, close-knit, and prosperous. Through health crises, economic disruption, and social upheaval, Shanna guided the city through the worst health crisis in a generation while staying true to the vision and values that make our city great.
Shanna is proud of what the City has been able to accomplish in her first term, and she know the work is not done. In her second term, she hopes to continue bringing Milton's operation in line with our shared vision of a prosperous community by increasing investments in parks and infrastructure, hiring and retaining qualified public servants, and continuing to be a good and vigilant steward of your tax dollars.
Shanna is a devoted wife, a doting mother, and an active member of our community. She and her husband, Brian, enjoy camping, traveling, live music, sporting events, and spending time with family and friends. Her son, Cayden, is a senior at Fife High School.

Milton has a strong mayor form of government, in which the mayor is directly elected by the people and serves as the executive of the administrative branch of government. While she presides over the City Council meetings, she does not have a policy vote except in specific cases of a tie-breaking vote.