Shoreline Master Program


Washington’s Shoreline Management Act was passed by the legislature in 1971 and affirmed by voters in 1972. The Act governs the use and development of Washington’s shorelines and creates a unique partnership between local and state government. The Act strives to achieve responsible shoreline use and development, environmental protection, and public access. Local governments develop programs based on the Act and state guidance, and the state ensures local programs consider statewide public interests.

Shoreline master programs carry out the policies of the Shoreline Management Act at the local level, regulating use and development of shorelines. Local shoreline programs include policies and regulations based on state laws and rules but tailored to the unique geographic, economic, and environmental needs of each community.

Needed Updates & Revisions:

The current Shoreline Master Program (SMP) was adopted by the City in November 2012. Amendments to the SMP may be necessary due to new state laws, rules, or guidance adopted since that date. The Department of Ecology publishes a checklist of state laws, rules or other applicable documents published each year that require local governments to review their SMP for conformance. In addition, as part of this update, the City plans to simplify shoreline and critical area permitting procedures.

Current SMP/Scientific Documents

View the City’s current adopted Shoreline Master Program or Environment Designation Map. With this periodic update, the City will not be performing any new science as it relates to the City’s Shoreline Master Program. This update will incorporate the scientific analysis performed for the last comprehensive update including:

Public Involvement Opportunities

As part of the City’s 2019 SMP Periodic Review the City has prepared a public participation plan which describes how the public will be informed about and involved in decision making for the SMP update. Early and continuous public participation is a requirement of the Shoreline Management Act, and is also required by the City of Milton Municipal Code (MMC). The City also acknowledges that a variety of stakeholders have particular interests in the City’s SMP, such as:

  • Business organizations, environmental groups, and other non-governmental organizations
  • Government Agencies
  • Native American Tribes
  • Owners of property within the shoreline jurisdiction
  • Shoreline users

Project Timeline

View a general schedule (JPG) for the City’s SMP Periodic Review project . The City plans to adopt an amended SMP late April 2019, with an effective date of early-mid June following approval from the Department of Ecology. Interested parties are encouraged to make public comments or reach out to the City staff contact with any questions regarding the project.

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