Land Use Notices

Notice of Land Use Action

Land use notices are required to be posted on the City’s website for process type III, IV, and V permit applications. Following you will find the Notice of Application for those projects which required said Notice.

To check the status of an application, please visit our Citizens Connect portal. In the search box, type LUA and the land use notice you are interested in. i.e. LUA2022-2222

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LUA2023-0028 Lee Short Plat - The proposal is to short plat a parcel into two parcels which will separate a single-family dwelling from a two-family dwelling.

LUA2023-0027 Milton Car Wash- The proposal is to construct an approximately 4,500 sf. car wash with drive thru tunnel, and twenty-four (24) vacuum stations.

LUA2023-0014 Sherwin-Williams- The proposal is to construct a 3500 square foot retail paint store. 

LUA2023-0005 SBC Shoreline Substantial Development Permit As part of the approved CUP/LUA2019-0007 Salvation Baptist Church and School, the applicant must apply for a shoreline substantial permit. While a portion of the property is within the shoreline buffer, the property is separated from Surprise Lake by 23rd Avenue. This will be processed as part of the Department of Ecology, Joint Aquatic Resources Permit Application (JARPA) process.