Land Use Notices

Notice of Land Use Action

Land use notices are required to be posted on the City’s website for process type III, IV, and V permit applications. Following you will find the Notice of Application for those projects which required said Notice.

  1. 2020
  2. 2019
  3. 2018
  4. 2017
  5. 2016

2020-0010 Milton Storage Lot / 4514 LLC
The project proposes to construct a truck and trailer storage lot with space for 126 trucks/trailers. A 2,000sf modular office will be provided. Perimeter landscaping, a drainage facility and driveways to Meridian Avenue and 28th Avenue South will be provided. The site’s frontage on 28th Avenue will be improved with half street improvements on the project side, including pavement, curb, gutter, sidewalk, street trees and street lighting. 

2020-0009 Vinyard Short Plat: The applicant is proposing to subdivide a 2.34 acre site into two tax parcels.  Lot 1 will be 0.55 acres in size and Lot 2 will be 1.80 acres in size.  A 20′ ingress/egress easement will be provided through Lot 1 for the benefit of access for Lot 2. Stormwater from new impervious surfaces is proposed to be dispersed (for building surfaces) and treated in filter strips for the sites pollution generating impervious surfaces (driveways).

2020-0007 WestCoast Transport: The project proposes to develop a 2.6 acre parcel located at 320 Birch Street, Milton WA (Pierce County parcel no. 0420052045) into a truck sales yard and maintenance facility. A 9,200sf maintenance building and 1,800sf storage building will be constructed along with required utilities. An existing building on the site will remain and will be used as a sales office. The lot will be paved for storage of vehicles with required storm drainage improvements. The entire site will be graded, requiring approximately 1,000cy of cut and 6,000cy of fill. Perimeter landscaping will be installed along the perimeter of the property.

2020-0003 Surprise Lake Square Shopping Center Pad: Notice is hereby given that the City will be conducting a Neighborhood Meeting on February 26, 2020 at 6:00pm. The meeting will be held in the City Council Chambers located at 1000 Laurel Street, Milton, WA 98354. Interested parties are invited to attend. The project proposes to demolish the East Valley Auto building at Surprise Lake Shopping Center and replace it with a new structure to accommodate a 2,874 square foot Mod Pizza and an adjacent 3,109 square foot space for a new business tenant. The new building will include a drive thru around the south and east sides of the structure and the parking lot will be altered to accommodate the improvements.

Other related documents:

"The City appreciates the comments that have been provided on the above development. I would like to clarify that the issue with East Valley Auto is a private issue between them and their landlord. The City has no control over who the owner of Surprise Lake Square chooses to lease their property to, and while we are disheartened that they did not provide East Valley Auto an opportunity to renew their lease, this is not something that the City can take into consideration when reviewing an application for development.

The City's role when we receive an application to develop land is to process it in a fair and timely manner, taking care to ensure that the proposed development conforms to all the development regulations contained within the City's Municipal Code, Comprehensive Plan, and Design Standards. If the proposed development conforms to those standards, the City then grants approval of the application.

It would be unlawful for the City to deny a permit to develop the property based on a private issue between the tenant and the landlord, regardless of if the City wishes to have an auto mechanic within City limits. I do feel for East Valley Auto and I would be happy to provide assistance to them should they choose to relocate elsewhere in the City and require development applications (such as to build a new building, or renovate an existing building).

Thank you to all who have supported East Valley Auto and we do hope to see them stay within the City of Milton." -Mayor Shanna Styron Sherrell