Land Use Notices

Notice of Land Use Action

Land use notices are required to be posted on the City’s website for process type III, IV, and V permit applications. Following you will find the Notice of Application for those projects which required said Notice.

To check the status of an application, please visit our Citizens Connect portal. In the search box, type LUA and the land use notice you are interested in. i.e. LUA2022-2222

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2022-0035 Pinky's Plumbing - The proposal is to develop a plumbing contractor yard on a 43,560 square feet parcel. The development will include equipment storage, truck parking and employee parking. The existing house may be converted to an office at a later date.

2022-0029 Gravity Coffee - The applicant is requesting a minor site plan approval for a coffee shop with permeable pavement.

2022-0027 Wet Rabbit Express Car Wash Site Plan - The proposal is to construct a 4,142 square foot car wash with drive thru tunnel, office and break room. The site will include twenty-one vacuum station and four parking spaces.

2022-0026 Lakeside Estates Binding Site Plan Modification - The applicant is proposing to modify the binding site plan by adjusting internal lot lines for Lots 4-9 and 12-15.

2022-0024 Salvation Slavic Baptist Church Site Plan Modification - The applicant is proposing to modify the approved site plan to 1) Rotate the building 90 degrees so the main entrance aligns with Taylor Street, 2) Add a pork-chop traffic island to the driveway along Taylor St, 3) Add a second egress lane from Taylor St, 4) Minor adjustments to the building footprint/outline. No lost of parking spaces or critical area buffer is identified.

2022-0022 Milton Apartments (Murnen) - The applicant proposes the development of two apartment buildings creating 15 total apartment units on a 54,424 sf lot.

2022-0014 Double Dip Self-Storage - The proposal is to construct a 3 story over basement self storage building with asphalt driveway and parking on a 136,000 square foot parcel.

2022-0010 Faith Family SEPA - The City of Milton has issued a Determination of Non-Significance for the Faith Family Landscaping project. The applicant has applied for a clearing and grading permit to create an upper and lower yard area with a retention wall in between. The upper area will be a grass playfield of approximately 9000 SF. The lower area will be a secured fenced gravel area for storage. There will be 8,350 sf of new imperious surface and 195 cy of fill will be brought in. Due to the amount of fill and area of grading, a SEPA Checklist is required.

2022-0009 Dubago Short Plat- The applicant is proposing to subdivide a 19,085 square foot site into two tax parcels, each 9,542.5sf each. A variance for a reduction in lot width was approved under LUA2017-0002.