Report Spills & Water Pollution

Illicit or Illegal Discharge Definition

The City of Milton takes seriously all spills or water pollution into area lakes, streams and wetlands as well as the stormwater system. Per guidelines, illicit or illegal discharges include inappropriate release of:

  • All soaps and detergents
  • Cleaning and other chemicals
  • Cooking oils and grease from restaurants
  • Vehicle fluids such as oil or antifreeze
  • Wash water from cleaning equipment or paint brushes

With very few exceptions, the only discharge allowed to public or private storm drainage systems is rainwater.

Report a Spill or Water Pollution

To report a spill or water pollution or if you observe a spill or pollution entering a lake, stream or stormwater structure call 253-922-8738. If you need to report emergency concern that involve imminent danger to people or the environment, call 911. Please leave a detailed message when calling after hours or on the weekends.