Heat Pumps & Smart Thermostats

Heat PumpsHeat Pump outdoor

The City of Milton now offers Heat Pump Upgrade and Heat Pump Conversion rebates for Single Family and Manufactured Homes. Duct Sealing may be required, check with your PTCS certified contractor to schedule a duct test to determine if the duct sealing measure applies.

Other conservation measures are Commissioning of newly installed systems, Line voltage or Smart Thermostat and Duct Sealing. See application for reimbursement rates. There is up to $1,400 in reimbursements. Building permits are required on all mechanical projects.

Additional Documentation Requirements

  • Copy of one of the following:
    • Whole house heating and cooling calculation (ACAA Manual J) and balance-point worksheet
    • PTCS Heat Pump and Central Air Conditioner Sizing Calculator
  • Manufacturer’s heat pump start-up form
  • Proof that the required PTCS form(s), for the unit being claimed, has been accepted in the PTCS registry of certified units.
  • PTCS duct sealing form, showing before and after results (if duct sealing is required)
  • PTCS heat pump form
  • Vendor invoices

Smart Thermostats

In order to apply for the Smart Thermostat rebate, please fill out the Smart Thermostat form (PDF) and attach the receipt. Email the documentation to Richard Hutchinson.