The appliance rebate program requires that you purchase a new Energy Star qualified appliance and install it in your residence.

Documentation Required

  • Dated receipt showing total cost
  • Documentation detailing the specifications (such as energy factor) for the appliance claimed. A copy of the page from the Energy Star website listing the appliance model is sufficient for documentation, providing it details the specifications for the model claimed
  • Manufacturer or brand name
  • Model number
  • The product information insert that includes the Energy Star logo that comes with the appliance or Energy Star logo from the appliance packaging
Energy Star Appliance - Clothes Washer
Top loading (electric water heater)
$30 to $50, Depending on CEE Tier / Energy Star
Top loading IMEF 2.38 + (electric water heater)
Front loading (gas)$15, Depending on Gas
Top loading IMEF 2.38+ (gas/any water heater)
$20 to $25, Depending on Gas
CEE Tier 1* (electric water heater)$30
CEE Tier1* (any water heater)
CEE Tier 2* (electric water heater)$40
CEE Tier 2* (any water heater)$30
CEE Advanced Tier* (electric water heater)
CEE Advanced Tier* (any water heater)
Front loading (any)
Front loading (electric)$30
Top loading IMEF 2.38