city hall

City Hall provides several services to our citizens including Customer Service for the Utility Department, Milton Municipal Court transactions, request for public information, and voter registration. 

Mayor Debra Perry
253-517-2705 office

Contact: Utility Clerk Hours: M - F 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Phone: (253) 922 -8733 Option 2

To set up a new water or electric utility account or make changes to an existing account, please complete and return the corresponding form:
Tenant Registration or Update Form  - to be completed by Owner or Landlord only.
Owner Registration or Update Form - to be completed by Owners

Location: City Hall
1000 Laurel Street
Milton, WA

For Utility Emergencies:
Contact: Public Works: M - F 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. - Phone: (253) 922-8738

After hours/weekends/holidays - Phone: (253) 841-5431

Location: Public Works
1000 Laurel Street
Milton, WA 98354

The City of Milton's drinking water is produced from groundwater wells, within the City limits. These sources are regularly monitored for both quality and quantity. The water is tested according to State Department of health guidelines for over 100 different chemicals and compounds, as well as for bacteria. The Water Consumer Confidence Report is published annually, and mailed to all households receiving Milton water. This report details the previous years operating and testing results, and provides a wealth of other information on our water.

Water Rates: Current rates for residential are $24.27 per month base, plus a new tiered rate systems as follows:

1. $2.41 per 100 cubic feet of water used up to 800 cubic feet
2. $2.61 per 100 cubic feet of water used from 801 - 1000 cubic feet
3. $2.81 per 100 cubic feet of water used from 1001 and over cubic feet

The City of Milton is an independent electric utility, purchasing power needs directly from the Bonneville Power Administration. This purchased power is then transmitted across Tacoma Power transmission lines to the City. The City has it's own line crew that performs needed repairs and maintenance, as well as responding to power outages as they occur, regardless of when they occur. Permits and inspections for outside service lines and meters are performed by the City of Milton. All other electrical permits and inspections are performed by Tacoma Power under contract with the City. The contact number for Tacoma Power is (253) 502-8659.

Electric Rates: Current rates for Commercial usage are base $14.16 plus $.0703 per each KWH used. Residential electric rates are base $6.80 per month plus $.0636 per each KWH used.

Surface Water Drainage
The City of Milton created a Surface Water Drainage Utility to provide the services necessary to address surface water issues. This division responds to citizen requests, plans for capital improvements, manages projects, and provides inspection services for construction within City right-of-ways and easements. Fees are assessed to properties based on their respective contribution to surface water drainage, based on the amount of impervious surface area for a given site.

Surface Water Rates: Current residential drainage rates are $15.50 per month.

Other utilities in the Milton area:

Natural Gas, Puget Sound Energy (888) 225-5773 FREE(888) 225-5773
Sewer, Pierce County Sewer (253) 798-4020(253) 798-4020
Cable television, Comcast (877) 824-2288 FREE(877) 824-2288
Telephone, Century Link (877)564-7389
Garbage, DM Disposal (253) 414-0345(253) 414-0345


Any individual, corporation, partnership or sole proprietor who wishes to conduct business within the City of Milton must first obtain a nontransferable business license. All businesses must first register with the Department of Licensing Master Licensing program and be able to supply a UBI (Unified Business Identifier). In addition to obtaining a business license, you must also comply with all City, County, and State regulations for zoning, building, health and safety.

Each branch or location of a business must obtain a license as if each branch or location were a separate business; and when two or more businesses are conducted in the same location, each business must be licensed.

Online applications are available at:

Application in and of itself does not guarantee issuance of a license, and business may not be conducted while the application is in the approval or appeal process.

Failure to receive a notice of renewal shall not excuse the business from applying for and securing the license, and paying of all license fees due.


The City Clerk's office is responsible for maintaining the City's official documents, including interlocal agreements, ordinances and resolutions, Council Meeting Agendas and Minutes, and personnel records. This department provides human resource management, notary and voter registration services and is also responsible for updating, codifying and publishing of the Milton Municipal Code. The City's records retention and record storage is provided through the City Clerk's office, as well as risk management.

Public Disclosure Policies for the City of Milton

For public disclosure requests or questions, email Katie Bolam, City Clerk/Human Resources Generalist, at, or call 253-517-2705.


Voter registration forms are available at most libraries, schools, and at City Halls located within the county. An applicant can pick up a form at Milton City Hall in the City Clerk's office, complete them at home and mail them to the address shown on the back of each form. Allow 6-8 weeks to receive your voter registration card. If you have a question regarding voter registration or election issues, please contact either of the counties' records and election departments shown below:

King County Records and Elections at (206) 295-8683(206) 295-8683
Pierce County Records and Elections at (253) 798-7430(253) 798-7430

Milton City Hall 1000 Laurel Street, Milton, WA 98354 (253) 922-8733
City Hall Office Hours of Operation: 9:00 to 5:00 Monday through Friday