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General Information

Milton City Hall
1000 Laurel Street
Milton, WA 98354

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Milton/Edgewood Library


* In Case of Emergency Power Outages or Major Water Leaks:

  • During regular business hours M-F 8am-5pm, please call 253-922-8738.
  • After-hours/weekends/holidays, please call 253-841-5431.


Contact Phone Numbers

253-922-8733  City Administration / Finance
253-922-8733  Touch 2 for Utility Billing & Set up 
253-922-8738  Public Works Administration
253-922-8743  Planning & Community Department                                              
253-517-2705  Office of the Mayor
253-517-2705  City Clerk
253-517-2705  Human Resources                                             
253-841-5450  Milton Municipal Court
253-841-5431  Police non-emergency
253-863-1800  Fire Department non-emergency
253-517-2706  Milton Activity Center - rentals, senior activities, other events

1000 Laurel Street
Milton, WA  98354

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Milton City Hall 1000 Laurel Street, Milton, WA 98354 (253) 922-8733
City Hall Office Hours of Operation: 9:00 to 5:00 Monday through Friday