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1924-17 Amending Fees for Public Records Requests
1923-17 Astound Transfer of Franchise Ownership
1922-17 Transportation Impact Fees
1921-17 Business License Code Update

1920-17 MCImetro Franchise Agreement
1919-17 Net Metering

1918-17 Annual Electric Utility Rate Increase
1917-17 Annual Water Utility Rate Increase
1916-17 Animal Control Code Update

1915-17 Utility Shut Off Time
1914-17 Utility Duplicate Billing Fee
1913-17 FEMA Flood Damage Prevention
1912-17 Low Impact Development Code Update – MMC 17

1911-17 Low Impact Development Code Update – MMC 13.27
1910-17 Low Impact Development Code Update – MMC 13.26
1909-17 Low Impact Development Code Update – MMC 12.24
1908-16 Budget Amendment
1907-16 Business License Code Update
1906-16 Budget
1905-16 Tax Levy
Business License Update
1903-16 Parks Impact Fees
1902-16 Storm Drainage Fees
1901-16 Lodging Excise Tax
1900-16Amending the 2016 Budget
1899-16 Transportation Impact Fees
1898-16 School Impact Fees
Inattentive Driving-Unlawful
1896-16  Astound Franchise Agreement
1895-16 Updating the Electric Utility codes
1894-16 Amending the 2016 budget adopted with Ordinance 1884-15 on December 7, 2015
1893-16 Amending Milton Municipal Code Chapter 3.17.010 Lodging Excise Tax.
1892-16 Adding a new chapter to title 13 of the Milton Municipal Code
1891-16 Providing for an increase in electric rates by amending  Milton Municipal Code.
1890-16, Providing for an increase in water rates by amending Milton Municipal Code.
1889-16  Interfund loan from the general asset replacement fund to the criminal justice fund.
1888-16 Amending Milton Municipal Code sections 13.04.010, 13.28.070, and 13.36.010.
1887-16 Repealing Milton Municipal Code Chapters 3.12 and 3.22, and amending chapter 3.24.
1886-16 Relating to personnel administration amending 2.74, & repealing & re-enacting 2.82.
1885-16 Authorizing interfund loan from general asset replacement fund to criminal justice fund.

Recently Approved Resolutions:

17-1891 Pierce County Supplement to Solid Waste Mgmt Plan
17-1890 Fee Schedule Update

17-1889 Six-Year Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP)

17-1888 Police Vehicles Surplus

17-1887 City Logo Approval
17-1886 Fee Schedule Update
17-1885 Surplus Public Works Equipment

Privacy Policy
16-1883 Fee Schedule Revision
 Surplus of property and sale to Normandy Park
  Amending the personnel policy
16-1880 Approving the proposed TIP for 2017
16-1879 Approving a work plan to allow staff to continue working with Puget Sound Regional Council
16-1878 Declaring two Dodge Chargers to be surplus and authorizing the disposal of same.
16-1877 Adopting the Region 5 All Hazard Mitigation Plan
16-1876 Declaring a .40 glock to be surplused.
16-1875 Approving acceptance of grants funds of $50,000 from Department of Ecology.
16-1874 Approving the proposed transportation improvement plan for 2016-2021.